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Big Bucks Supply Company was created in an effort to provide landowners and hunters with the tools necessary to grow and harvest big bucks.  Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the essential products needed to most effectively manage your farm and hunting area in order to create the best possible environment for a healthy deer herd and a better hunting experience. 

We have personally reviewed and field-tested each product on our own farms for the benefit of our friends and family.  As dedicated hunters and outdoors men, we understand that the development of a better hunting experience and effective land management involves more than simply enhancing the hunting experience – it also involves a cost effective investment in terms of saving time and money over the long term while adding value to your farm and hunting management areas.  

Through our personal reviews and field-tests we have identified several quality products that are essential to any successful land and deer management program and we are proud to offer you those products whose quality and performance have impressed us.  If you are passionate about deer hunting and management, we think that you will be impressed too.

For an appointment to see the products available in our Weston MO Showroom
contact Chris Hiatt at 816.914.5972 or email hiattservices@embarqmail.com                               .


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